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We provide the ultimate luxury tour services within Canada and the USA. Our latest luxury coaches will provide you the comfort and safe travel experience. Get a chartered luxury coach and enjoy your trip with everlasting memories… 


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Tour on every season...

Custom Tour Packages on every season in Canada.

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Our professional tour guide accompanies you throughout the trip

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Reasonable rates for all tours and special discount for seniors.

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We provide you the best luxury coaches for your own destination

Why should you love “Hope Canada Tours”?

We are unique when it comes to tour service. Our team consists of well experienced heavy vehicle drivers who were on the road driving passengers for so many years. Our team members are rich in knowledge of routes and tourist spots. Even you do not have a particular tour spot idea, our coach drivers can take you to the best spot to explore Canada.

All our coaches are equipped with modern technologies to give you extra comfort and keep in touch with your family and friends while you travel. On-board wi-fi and hi-tech entertainment system provides you with the best experience. Call us today to book a tour and travel on one of our luxury coach.

Group Tours with employees made easy…

We provide corporate tour packages for small, medium and large companies. Whether your company staff wants to arrange a annual get-together with sight-seeing in Canada, we have the right packages. We can arrange hotel stay and other local entertainment to fulfill your luxury travel.
Please fill out our contact form with your requirements and one of our tour specialist will contact your company with more details.

Educational Tours

We provide the best service for Schools, Colleges and Universities in Canada for their students to explore Canada. Field trips and botanical gardens, museum, parks and other historical places are covered with our tour packages.
Custom tour packages will be taken care and our private coach drivers will be assisting you during the entire trip. Students can enjoy on-board entertainment and all other modern technologies.

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Canada is a land of opportunities. From coast to coast, Canada is filled with unexpected wonders that are sure to awaken your inner explorer. There are 42 national parks, 167 historical sites and 4 national marine conservation areas throughout Canada. Now it is your time to explore…




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